As Good as it Gets

An American romance comedy with a star-studded cast, such as: Helen Hunt , Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinner and Cuba Gooding Jr. Jack Nicholsons character is an obsessive compulsive author who finds love with a waitress played by Helen Hunt. They go on a long roadtrip with a homosexual artist played by Greg Kinner. Their adventure made then become closer as companions and soon friends.


This film is a love story where a young couple fall in love on one unlikely place, the Titanic. 15,000 people perished on the ship in icy cold waters after hitting a iceberg. One of the deadliest maritime disasters on the largest luxury ships ever built at the time. It has become one of James Cameron’s most successful films. The film had a 200 million dollar budget and grossed more than 600 million domestically, $2,186,772,302 worldwide.

A 1998 comedy romance, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The couple take a cross-country road trip to New York City and fall in love. It is a comical, yet endearing movie, where the characters originally dislike each other but find a common ground and later become friends and then lovers.