James Cameron box office smash, making a total of more than 2 billion dollars. It surpassed it previous box office success Titanic. It is about humanoid outer space Indians called Na‘vi. The earth people plan to destroy the Na’vi so that they can take over their planet and all it riches. They use heavy military power and machinery to take down the Na’vi and their land. The Na’vi tried to protect the land and their people, but with little success. They only got their strength and courage to overcome the earth people from the main avatar in the movie.


Frozen is an animated musical comedy release by Disney Pictures in 2014. It is about two sisters. One sister, bound to be queen, has a special power to turn everything to ice and snow. Her parents were afraid of these powers and kept her away from everyone else, even her sister. Her sister, who is desperate for love, finds love in her own sister and both rescue each other in this old world fantasy that will become a classic Disney film.


In 1992, Disney produced an animated musical film. They used the voice of talented actor, Robin Williams, who made a total of seventy-five thousand dollars for the film. He was the genie character and completely made the movie it’s world-wide success. It made a total of 502 million dollars worldwide and is a benchmark to every animated movie to come.